The Switch Singapore

The Department Appreciates Your Compliance

Your mission starts at your redenvouz co-ordinates, where you’ve been asked to meet THE MODERATOR. You’ve been selected to help with a secret government-funded experiment, in preparation for dark times ahead for the human race. When the chips are down, how do we behave? If we don’t have what we need to be comfortable, what happens to our morals? Do they go out the window in the name of self-interest or do we try to hang onto our perception of ourselves as “good” people?

When we’re faced with a survival situation, do we pull together or go it alone?

You have 90 minutes to find out! THE MODERATOR has set you a series of puzzles, mysteries and challengesspread across an inner city area, each one requiring you to not only use your wits to solve them, but also requiring you to make moral choices – do you cheat, if it means you get ahead? What if you can gain an advantage, but it means something bad happens to someone else? Maybe you’re okay with that if it means you get ahead of the other teams – after all, this is just a game and you’re trying to win, right?

What if it’s a friend you have to sacrifice, so the rest of you can succeed?

Whatever it takes, you’ve got to find the Switch and throw it, before the 90 minutes is up!

Part puzzle solving, part treasure hunt, part interactive mystery, The Switch is a unique and engrossing experience!